Saturday, 1 December 2007


I was going to make an image for this post but I was too hungry. I have been smelling my housemate's roast pork for a couple of hours and that had really piqued my appetite. I do not recall eating bison before - and that could be that to me it does not tatste a lot different to beef. Well a very nice beef, I will admit. I bought top sirloin steak and just threw it into a hot Le Creuset griddle pan. Turned it (once laterally, flip, once laterally again, take it out) and put it alongside a baked potato (Washington russet) and half a spaghetti squash. Glass of Aussie red (Stanley Cabernet Shiraz from a 2l cardboard box) MMMMMM nice

I had to buy two steaks so I put the other one in the freezer for later. When I do that one, I will add a pic

Read the link, try the bison. You will thank me.

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