Friday, 14 December 2007

B.C. lags behind other provinces economically: report

So much for "the best place on earth". And this report, please note, does not come from the lefties or the greenies but "a group of Premier Gordon Campbell's handpicked advisers"

For me the real kicker in our system is that we are the only place that deducts every cent of earnings that welfare recipients make from their cheques. Everywhere else it is recognised that not only is welfare grossly inadequate and has to be supplemented by charities like food banks (a temporary measure that was introduced to embarrass a BC government over 20 years ago) but getting any kind of job is the first step off walfare. Exactly what kind of incentive is it to lose all your earnings to the government? Can you imagine the howls at the other end of the tax system if the super rich had to give up all their unearned dividends after they got to a certain level?
"The most troubling social indicator is the proportion of British Columbians living below the low-income threshold," says the report, which calls the social condition category "one of the most compelling considerations" for judging a society.

The report says the proportion of people living on low incomes in B.C. has been greater than other provinces through much of the past decade.

And just in case anybody buys that argument about the economic "incentive" of attacking the poor, "B.C. dropped from second to sixth in overall economic growth" - even though we have oil, gas, minerals - and are giving away hydro to P3s

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