Saturday, 15 December 2007


It is a very good movie - and the first time I have thought the movie better than the book. But the sight of her in her wet underwear is supposed to be what drives him to a later act of passion. But frankly, I do not think she has enough shape to promote anything but concern for her obvious undernourishment.

As old man Steptoe
was wont to remark "I likes meaty birds!"


Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd how it's become PC to make nasty comments about thin people while ridiculing fatties is very much frowned upon?

Stephen Rees said...

Isn't it odd how people decide to be anonymous when they want to jump to conclusions. I have not ridiculed anyone. Keira Knightley is a very good actress and gives a very good performance in this film. She is very believable. But the sight of her body does not drive me wild with passion - which makes it hard to believe that she would have that effect on the male lead in the movie. BUT watching movies does require a suspension of disbelief. So one tends to put aside concerns such as "that bus was built in 1950" or "squaddies did not get chocolate bars in their rations - that was the yanks".

It would have been equally unbelievable if the lead had been played by Dawn French. I like her too, and she can also act, but she too is the wrong shape for the part.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm not only anonymous when I'm jumping to conclusions. I've never, ever made a non-anonymous comment on no matter how innocent they've been.

And I'm not talking about you not being driven wild with passion. I have no reason to believe you're lying about that.

It should, perhaps, be noted that in the film Robbie is already in love with Cecilia before this event takes place and that might well affect his judgement.

But that's not my point either. It's your "obvious undernourishment" comment that bothers me. That's not you expressing an opinion. It's declaring someone sick and making a diagnosis.

Stephen Rees said...

No. It is not me saying someone is sick or making a diagnosis. I am simply saying that she is well below what is considered a healthy weight. Not that I worry too much about my BMI either. And very obviously this is a shape she has chosen - and is part of the reason she can command a lot of attention. Like many female actors she has decided that getting the roles she wants requires her to do things which in other people would give rise to concern about their health, but which we now seem to accept. Except that if she were a model, there are some places she could not work.

Saying somebody is thin or fat is simply a description. Just as somebody can be described as having blue eyes or red hair. "Undernourished" is not a "nasty comment" it is fair description of someone who is eating less than she should - or less plausibly over exercising. I knew someone who became a type 1 diabetic through doing too many Iron Man events. So either way being too thin does carry health risks - and obviously Ms Knightley, being a highly intelligent woman, has made an informed choice. That is her right. But it does not mean that no one can comment on her - in fact being a movie star it goes with the territory. And if you put her name into a Google search you will be able to find all kinds of comments - not a few of which might be more deserving of your concern.