Sunday, 25 November 2007

"They did this in Germany"

Naomi Wolf talks about "The End of America". There is a seven step process to convert a functioning democracy into a closed society. Ms Wolf draws parallels between what happened in Italy in the twenties, Germany and Russia in the thirties and more recently in Burma, Chile and, yes, the US of A.

Tyrants follow a recipe. It is entirely predictable - and the most dangerous time for freedom is just before an election.

We already have the hyped threats (terrorism) the loss of personal freedoms (the no fly list) the detentions without trial, the use of torture, the spread of surveillance, the accusations of treason against those who criticise the administration, the assault on the rule of law. Dictators still have elections - they love them - they just corrupt them - using the techniques that Jeb Bush used in Florida.

And Canada, under the heel of a minority right wing conviction style government, is going the same way. We hand people over - eagerly - for rendition - and now for possible execution too. Our cops just love their tasers and pepper spray. Lots of people fear losing their jobs if they criticise the government - and with good reason.

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