Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The power of advertising

I never really understood how the internet could be both free and full of ads at the same time. Mind you I have been around the net for a long time now. I mean since Mosaic - did you have Mosaic? Windows 3.1?

Anyway back then the net was all about geeks and academics. And commerce was actually verboten, spam was still an unpleasant canned lunch meat. From what I can tell, this blog does not seem to get a lot of attention. The other one is on Wordpress where ads are not allowed unless you are a VIP like CNN. But Blogger is owned by Google, who make lots of money from ads, and they don't mind sharing. So they make it really easy to put Adsense in the frame.

I hummed and hawed about the acceptability of this for a bit, but since Google ads seem to be not only ominipresent on the net but also easy to ignore (except for the links you get to spam recipes on gmail (has anyone ever eaten Savory Spam Crescents and lived? I once had to eat Spam Fritters for school Dinner - I was about 6 - I threw up in choir practice first period after lunch - I have never eaten spam anything ever since)).

Anway they have been there for about a week, and, so far, no one has complained. And today, when checking my bank account I noticed a credit for 34c.

I don't think this is going to change my blogging style.

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