Saturday, 24 November 2007

Pay as you wish restuarants

I would like to see a restaurant run on these lines here.

There are times when I have been close to the edge when my needs exceeded my income - or I did not have any income at all. Other times when I was at least temporarily quite well off. To be able to eat out and have it not matter what it cost would have been a great pleasure at either time. Somebody in front of me at a supermarket line up was worried that she might not have enough cash to pay for all her purchases, so the checkout clerk told her to watch the screen and tell her to stop when she had reached the available amount. I looked at what she wanted to buy, and resolved that if she did not have enough I would pay for what was there since they were all essentials that she clearly needed. It did not come to that, and it might have embarrassed her. But this idea in a restaurant seems to me to neatly resolve the issue.

Last night we had a great free night of food and entertainment. My kids came around to help me eat the free frozen pizzas I had been given last week at a supermarket as part of a promotion. And I had been to the library and found a movie I had not seen but wanted to - "Bennie and Joon" (highly recommended if you have not seen it either). So we were able to have one of what had once been a regular event - a family movie supper night. The fact that is it was free was incidental - but seemed to be a nice feature of "buy nothing day"

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