Monday, 19 November 2007

Health Items

Two pieces today in the "Breaking news" section of the Vancouver Sun's web page. So there is no link from the title but both are embedded below

Vitamin D may curb type 2 diabetes risk
- which is good news since I already take that to cope with osteoporosis. Of course what it doesn't say is that it has any therapeutic effect if you have already developed type 2 diabetes, and so far I cannot report any.

There has been a spate of articles on the health benefits of chocolate but one more won't hurt especially as this one takes care to point out that the stuff that has to be sold as "candy" because it has very little cocoa content is NOT good for you because of all the fat and sugar they add. Stay away from anything made by Hershey - who stupidly use sour milk and ruin the taste as well. Milk chocolate is a bad idea too. Look for dark chocolate with the percentage of cocoa declared - 75% is very good. 99% is less palatable, but works extremely well when grated on to the top of the foam on a cappuccino.

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