Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Deleted Scenes

The title given this piece on the site where I stumbled upon it (linked from my title) "Michael Moore cut this scene from Sicko because no one would believe it". But I am going to amend that. Michael Moore cut this scene because no American could believe it. It is also not really about their Health Care system - which is mentioned briefly - it is actually most interesting when it deals with their very successful penal system. And, just like the notion that socialised medicine could be good for you, the idea that a penal system should not be punitive but reformative is a direct challenge to the fundamental American belief system.

He also notes that Norway has a lot of oil (it shares the North Sea with Britain) but still is a world leader in sustainable energy. And the state owns the oil, not private companies.

And just for balance the clip opens with the mad righties frothing over Moore's temerity of questioning their "wisdom" - the view that they have so successfully imposed on Americans that people think they are paying for something better when in fact they are being ripped off for soemthing much, much worse than most of the rest of the world. Of course that does not mean the Norway, or Canada or the UK is perfect or their systems could not be improved. Just that they are streets ahead of a country where corporate welfare comes first.

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