Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Campaign urges parents to 'dump soda'

A big international campaign has been launched to get people off soda pop. The Dump Soda campaign (www.dumpsoda.org) is spearheaded by consumer groups on five continents in response to rising childhood obesity.
beverages that are nothing more than liquid candy

And so called Diet Sodas are even worse - most contain aspartame often identified by its brand name "NutraSweet". That stuff is poison. There is no other word for it.


sgt.turmeric said...

According to this article soda is also linked with osteoporosis.

Most incredible to me is this:

Far more insidious cola manufacturers placed their logo on baby bottles. A study done by Doctor Michael F. Jacobson stated "infants and toddlers are four times likelier to be fed soda pop out of those bottles than out of regular baby bottles."

Putting soda pop in a baby's bottle may seem outrageous to some, but I have witnessed this on a few occasions. Perhaps young parents, having grown up with cola products, don't recognize that there may be potential health risks for children if healthy drinks are substituted by sugared-water drinks.

Stephen Rees said...

The boy in the picture in the sidebar of this blog was given one third of a pint of whole milk every day he was at school. This continued throughout primary and secondary schools and survived a lot longer than similar programs that distributed concentrated orange juice and cod liver oil to all parents of infants in the UK in my pre-school years.

We talk a lot about programs like "no child left behind" and "end child poverty" but I know of no comparable, simple and effective program like free school milk here.