Wednesday, 24 October 2007

A very public affair

The Guardian on the collapse of the French President's marriage - with all the salacious details

They opened their hearts on chatshows, they appeared on the cover of the increasingly popular - some say vulgar - celebrity magazines

And The Guardian, which once upon a time was a quality newspaper shows that it can be as vulagr as any of them. The only thing missing is the photospread of paparazzi product

I preferred the sophistication with which the French treated Chirac and Mitterand - they simply didn't care. The private life of the President was none of their concern. But Sarkozy courted the media attention and used his wife - so he deserves all he gets. Maybe she does too but I stopped reading. I felt like I do when standing in line at Save on Foods reading the covers of the tabs and peep mags. Ugh.

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