Thursday, 4 October 2007

Sen. Larry Craig to Remain in Senate

The Republicans are the party of "law and order'. They are the party that says it has the moral high ground. It is the home of the "moral majority", and it is also the party that tried to impeach a President - for nothing very much, and even then they didn't succeed.

They are getting a bit fed up with one of their members - I wrote about his case some time ago. He pleaded guilty. He then changed his mind and asked a judge if he could change his plea. No, said the judge. End of story you might think. Well, he is still there, and there are three pages of discussion about it.

I stopped reading after one. I think he is about as moral as some of the other recent headline makers from his party - the rules he makes are for other people. He thinks he is not only above the law but also that he does not have to abide by his own freely given undertakings.
... by far the harshest words came from Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, in remarks many interpreted to be reflective of what Senate GOP Leadership as a whole feels.

"He said that if the judge would reverse his guilty plea he would fight on, if not he would resign from the Senate and remember -- that was going to be effective at the end of September," said Ensign. "He had his day in court, the judge ruled against him, and I'm calling on Senator Craig to keep his word," said Ensign.

And, apparently, his predelictions were well known long before his arrest

Update 2 December - and four men have come forward with details of their encounters with the Senator

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