Thursday, 4 October 2007

Liquor stores to stop selling beer by the bottle

This is, quite simply, wrong.

A bottle or a can of beer is a package. With a bar code. No matter if it is bigger or smaller than a given size or a speciality or run of the mill beer. No one should be required to buy more than they want. Of anything.

Supermarkets sell pre-packaged meat. But if you do not want enough for four people all at once, they will - if you ask - give you just enough for one person. It is manifestly unfair but if I chose to buy myself a muffin for breakfast, I have to pay tax on it. If I bought six, I wouldn't have to - but why should I pay to store for more than I want. I only have a small amount of space - essentially a factor of this region's housing unaffordability. And anyway, freezing bread and bagels takes up too much of my small freezer as it is.

I encourage you to make your views known to

British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch
2625 Rupert Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V5M 3T5
Switchboard telephone: 604-252-3000
Fax: 604-252-3044

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