Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Drivers' pet peeves

Some of mine didn't make the list

- queue jumping: there's a lane closure ahead, and two lines of cars start the zipper process. As the zipper works, the closed lane is empty for some distance, and drivers begin to anticipate the need to merge, so the closure point of the zipper moves back. Until one smart arse decides to speed down to the end and jump in at the last minute. And the polite merging now gives way to push and shove and the line just gets longer. What part of "wait your turn" do you not understand?

- dazzling headlights: not on main beam, these extra bright lights are probably really useful on a deserted mountain pass - but on a well lit suburban street? And so often the vehicle they are mounted on has been jacked up, or has headlights mounted several feet above the ground. You can tell that its alignment is wrong as the interior of the car in front is lit up like day, and its driver is grabbing to flip the internal mirror - and adjust the door mirrors too. Yet the guy behind gets as close as he can, and keeps those lights a blazin'. The police do this deliberately with cars they have stopped, so I suppose this is where the practice has been learned.

- the sudden dart out into traffic: "I've been waiting too long for a break in the traffic flow so I will just force my way out"

- driving the wrong way round the traffic circle to make a left turn (a Vancouver favourite)

- driving with a flashing yellow light on - for ever - with no turn or lane change in prospect

- turning right from the left lane: a variation on the queue jump - this driver always drives in the left "overtaking lane" even though he knows it will be necessary to turn right in a short distance. But the left lane is moving faster so let's take a chance ...

- driving through red lights. Not content with keeping going through the yellow, this driver simply follows the car in front. The opposing flow now has a green but this clown doesn't care - just as long as he doesn't have to wait to the next green for his turn.

I could go on and on but the common thread is total selfishness and lack of concern for others

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