Thursday, 25 October 2007

A380 - the bad news

This picture shows the economy class cabin of the new Airbus A380 - the double decker jumbo - which has just entered service between Singapore and Sydney. While you can expect a lot of gushing about the double bed suites in first class (which apparently Singapore Airlines believes should not be used for sex), this is what the ordinary travellers can expect. As usual there is a distinct trade-off. Comfortable or cheap. If you cannot afford the high prices (that will mostly get written off against tax as business expenses), you could still get stuck in a dreaded middle seat (look beyond the far aisle). Singapore Airlines looks to have gone for the maximum seating 3-4-3 configuration. So make sure you spend some of the savings on the fare on those special DVT socks.

And apparently there's more room on Singapore's A380 than Air France's

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