Wednesday, 5 September 2007

When will we ever learn?

Since I arrived in Canada, in 1988, I have seen the fishery in Newfoundland die. In the nineties I moved to Richmond, and observed the closure of BC Packers - the last cannery in a town that once depended on fishing. This year has been, once again, a terrible year for the Fraser Salmon. It has never actually recovered from the Canadian Northern Railway blocking up Hell's Gate nearly a hundred years ago.

This article covers Britain's dead sea. It used to be said that Britain was an island built on coal and surrounded by fish. Well both those industries are now almost gone.

Yet Canadians continue to act as though natural resources are limitless. The arguments about salmon have been really depressing. Lots of finger pointing - its always someone else's fault. Whoever is speaking is essentially saying the same thing - it's not us, it's those guys who are taking too many fish.

The article in the Guardian suggest that fisheries can recover, if fishermen let them be for a while. All the fishermen. All the time. No exceptions.


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