Monday, 17 September 2007

Microsoft loses antitrust appeal



Chris said...

I'm no Microsoft fan-boy, I run Linux on my home machine, but I think this ruling is a bit stupid. Microsoft is getting in trouble for essentially bundling Windows Media Player with its Windows OS. Why is that such a bad thing? Doesn't Mac ship with iTunes?

I mean, Windows ships will all kinds of software (not all of it critical to the operation of the computer or OS) - it comes with a calculator, internet browser, card games, etc. Why does Windows Media Player violate anti-trust?

I'm much more concerned with Media Concentration than I am of Microsoft's dominance. Maybe its because Microsoft is essentially run by nerds and I have more faith in nerds than I do in the people who run the CanWest editorial board.

Stephen Rees said...
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Stephen Rees said...

Microsoft needs to be cut down to size. They have been trying to control everyone's PC for far too long, and Apple is too much of a small niche player to make any difference.

See yesterday's Tyee for recent item on media concentration.