Sunday, 2 September 2007

the likes and dislikes of a 95-year-old blogger

Great article with a link to her blogger page. Mostly in Spanish. And also, mostly, at present, reprints of articles about her in other media.
"I must be the oldest socialist activist in Spain," she said. "I've been socialist since I was 16"
She reminds me a lot of my mother, except that my Mum could never get on with technology - even her new electronic typewriter baffled her.

Her dislikes include daytime pill-popping, crude language and telephone companies that are slow to install broadband. Her main loves are poetry, politics, childhood memories, her native region of Galicia, a Jesus Christ who dislikes wealth and, she says, "the workers".

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luchi said...

thanx for spreading the word .
you were such a sweet boy on your picture.