Saturday, 8 September 2007

Boycott "Red Truck" brewery

I do not like bullies.

I do not like companies or organisations that use the threat of expensive and protracted litigation to get their own way.

I do not like the sound of this story.
The Red Truck Beer Company of North Vancouver, which brews two beers -- Red Truck Ale and Red Truck Lager -- had told Victoria-based Phillips to cease production of its Blue Truck Ale or they would pursue legal action.
I am a beer drinker and I am not stupid or colour blind. I can tell the difference between a blue truck and a red truck. But what determines what beer I drink is if I like the taste. Sure if the label looks interesting I might pick it up. Trucks don't do as much for me as trains. But I only ever buy on impulse one time. If I don't like the taste, I won't buy the beer again, no matter what the label. And it would not be possible for anyone to confuse the trucks illustrated above! They are quite different.

I have tried Phillips beer - and I have been very impressed with their products. When I see them again I will buy them. I do not recall seeing Red Truck beer but apparently it is widely available in Metro Vancouver (it is sold at the Flying Beaver, for example). I like to support local microbreweries when I can. The big breweries need their noses pulled, hard, for inflicting weak and tasteless beers on a public often deprived of real choice. And that is whom Red Truck should be targetting. Not Phillips. And the battleground should be the quality of the stuff they sell. Not its image or its label - and not other small independent breweries.

I will not drink Red Truck anything, and I ask you to take the same pledge. And maybe the people who inflict Rickard's Red on an unsuspecting public might like to consider going after Red Truck, for similar cause. After all the consumer could well be misled couldn't he?


Anonymous said...

Good warning 1 I was about to purchase 5 barrels of Red Truck but will now refrain and find another brwery !

Anonymous said...

Red Truck is good Beer. I have only had a few of Phillips and they were good. It is hard enough to claw out a name for your self with the tasteless big beer company offereing and the lcb beaurocracy with out the micro's fighting. I put the blame squarely on Phillips. There are a million names out there and they should have seen that "Blue Truck" would crowd another micro and therefore pick a diferent name.

Anonymous said...

Red Truck Beer is a wondeful and very small brewery. Phillips makes very good beer, But the Bully in this case is certainly Phillips. Their sales at the time were over 10x that of Red Truck. Phillips has gotten itself into trouble for this kind of thing of Brand theft before and I believe it was a form of cheap advertising on their part. Shame on them.