Monday, 6 August 2007

Teen boys hit home run with topless next-door neighbor

I suppose I should not spend so much time reading Fark. But there was this book see (written by Fark's creator) about how the media conspires to feed us non news - and this is a prime example.

America seems to be obsessed with bosoms. They are everywhere. Half the nation carries them around with them and the other half spends a lot of their time staring at them. They are, mostly, at least partly covered. If a female nipple should slip into view - no matter how briefly - the earth stops rotating on its axis, and the American media whips itself into a frenzy of righteousness.

Of course, on the other side of the Atlantic, European women have been taking their tops off in public for lo these many years. Indeed it was 30 years ago on Yugoslav beaches that I began to wish that fat German hausfrau's would put some clothes on. But nipples still ensure that the Sun sells lots of newspapers. Familiarity does not breed contempt in every case. Possibly because it is only the breasts of younger women that obsess males of all ages.

On the reasons the internet became popular so quickly was that men found that they could download pictures of naked women - originally for free. But the real breakthrough for commercial activity on the web was the pay web page - and the leaders in that technology were the pornographers.

What puzzles me about the story is why is anyone surprised that boys like the idea of peeking at the next door neighbour sunbathing. Has not that always been the case? And exactly what harm would the glimpse of a female breast do them? And isn't the request to spread sun screen on a shapely woman's back every young man's fantasy? Well, all the heterosexual ones anyway. What possible harm could be done? At least she won't get carcinoma.

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