Saturday, 11 August 2007

Prescrition for a drug disaster

I have written about Celebrex here before, and now here is an article about Vioxx - another Cox-2 inhibitor withdrawn from the market in 2004. What the author wants is "Real World Safety and Effectiveness Research". Big pharma of course is not interested in this kind of study which might cut into their grotesque profits.

The sad thing is that Common Ground, because it is free, is dependent on advertising, and frankly I am very dubious about many of the products and services advertised in its pages. And I doubt that any of the herbal remedies being touted in its pages would stand up to that kind of examination either. And as for Tarot and "Spiritual Regressions" the less said the better. But hey, if it works for you, fill yer boots! Even placebos work for a lot of people in controlled trials - sometimes as well as the substance on test.

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