Sunday, 26 August 2007

Budget surplus to top forecasts, federal government says

This has happened regularly both in BC and Canada federally. The "unexpected" surplus always is credited to "a stronger-than-expected economy".

What is actually happening is Ottawa is collecting far more money than it has programmed spending for. At the same time it fends off legitimate demands for earlier cuts to be restored or essential programs such as dependable regular funding of urban transit systems or low cost social housing - or even essential health care spending to cut waiting lists and the need to keep sending Canadians south of the border for essential (but much more expensive) care there. Not to mention the poor Canadian troops paid a pittance and put in harm's way without decent equipment.

And the response will not be more spending on these essentials. But will go to pay down the debt - yippee! Or maybe a few more strategic tax cuts to benefit the well off Tory voters.


Paul Hillsdon said...

You took the words right out of my words. And, by the way, congrats on having a larger role and voice in transport in Vancouver. I guess blogging really does give people a voice.

Stephen Rees said...

I had not noticed I had a larger role! If you mean I got invited to speak at a rally and I get calls from journalists, well that has been happening for some time. I usually gave my thoughts "off the record" or "on deep background" when personalities got involved. The other blog is getting more readers, I think in part because I read something about how to get noticed by search engines and tried to implement some of that advice.