Thursday, 9 August 2007

The American Right: Under the Weather

The Economist is not exactly a left wing journal. It has always preferred the western style of Republicanism to the GWB southern style. So it is not surprising but nonetheless heartening to read this article. And, if the length of it puts you off (it shouldn't, it is very well written and insightful) here is the conclusion.
But even when you enter all the qualifications the right's situation is dire. It is a sign of weakness that the conservatives are retreating to their old posture as insurgents, and need a bogeywoman like Mrs Clinton to hold them together.

The Republicans have failed the most important test of any political movement—wielding power successfully. They have botched a war. They have splurged on spending. And they have alienated a huge section of the population. It is now the Democrats' game to win or lose.


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