Wednesday, 4 July 2007


I saw this movie this evening. It is everything that we have come to expect from Michael Moore. It has all the stagecraft, and the showmanship. It makes absolutely no bones about its viewpoint, and has absolutely no pretension of "balance" and why should it. It is an old fashioned polemic - and it is not only well done, it is very necessary. And while it is about health care, it is also about what America has become. How since the right took control, and shifted power away from the citizens to benefit the corporations, the soul of America got lost. How the government of France is afraid of its citizens - and will do their laundry if necessary - while Americans are now afraid of their government. How loading kids with debt, and making people fearful of losing their jobs, because they will lose the insurance coverage, the US now has a docile workforce, but higher rates of infant mortality than most third world countries. How Americans now have a shorter life expectancy than those countries which chose "socialized medicine" - which is about all of them, as it happens.

And Canadians need to see this film, not to feel smug, but to be warned. Because these same corporations operate here and intend to see that we go the same way.


Paul Hillsdon said...

I had the exact same sentiments. The film is terrific and really pulls at those emotional strings by the end. I do believe that out of all his films, this one is the least... conspicuous concerning information...

The movie really made me proud to be a Canadian, and want to have the type of system France has. I don't know if it's necessarily achievable with out high debt, and location next to America, but it's worth a shot. It definitely felt like a call to action for me, and to make sure that we keep developing the health care system towards France's, rather than America's.

Stephen Rees said...


Your comments here and on my other blog show that I was wrong - this blog is read - but that I am right - the hit counter is broken

France has much more than just free at point of delivery health care. It is also teetering on the brink of attempts to roll back some of its state benefits. So far the volume and fervour of citizen protest has stopped them.

It may be that France continued having revolutions after 1789. The US stopped after 1776.