Sunday, 1 July 2007

Krups Espresso Machine F920

I have owned this machine for a little over two years so it is out of warranty.

In the last three months, plastic parts on this machine have been failing. The first was the main control switch. While I waited over two months for a replacement, I was able to operate the machine with a butter knife. However, the frothing nozzle cover - which is also plastic, broke in normal service. It was not dropped or misused. It simply cracked under normal domestic operation. Since it came with another frothing device - with a long tube to put into a milk container - I put that on and used it for two days. I noticed water leaking from the connection so I tried to tighten it. The nozzle came off in my hand. A short length of threaded plastic tube, used to attach the device to the machine, had sheared off at its base.

It seems to me that either it is an inferior type of plastic, or that these parts should have been made of metal.

I am not going to wait for another two months for parts to arrive from Switzerland. Nor am I going to spend any more money on a piece of equipment that appears to have a very limited design life.

I have thrown the machine away and am going shopping for a new one. It will not be a Krups, nor will I consider products with this brand name in future.

You might like to visit their web site and see what they claim for their machines


Dave said...

I have the same machine. The first frothing attachment ring broke about a year ago. The 2nd one is now cracked and may make it a week.

I like the machine generally but I agree, those parts should be metal.

10toes said...

I'm just about to bin mine as the price of spares is a joke. cheap but not so cheerful!

Michael P. Smith said...

Lol.. ive had mine for close to a decade. .finally gave up the ghost :(

Mark J. Miller, attorney at law said...

Mine has worked for 12 years. Just need to buy a new percolator seal.