Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Children at Play

From the page: "Baghdad, Iraq: A four-year-old child cries as older boys stage a mock execution. Children's games have been heavily influenced by the ongoing violence in Iraq - one of the more popular games being a clash between militia and police."
This profoundly disturbing image shows what has happened to George W Bush's mission to pacify Iraq. He has created a new generation who delight in terror.
Photograph: Hadi Mizban/AP


Anonymous said...

I really doubt that George Bush single-handedly taught those kids to play like that. Be accurate: those kids are watching their fathers and uncles and brothers - THAT's where they learned that.

Stephen Rees said...

What a silly comment. But at least it shows that somebody's out there.

What I wrote was that the mission in Iraq has not just failed - it has made matters much worse. George Bush Senior could have continued into Iraq once he had ejected the occupying forces fron Kuwait but wisely chose not to.

I heartily disliked Saddam, but the US must take responsibility for keeping him in power and helping to prolong the war against Iran.

The decision to invade Iraq was based on a false premise. It has been badly managed and it is getting much worse. Withdrawal now is almost as bad as staying. The US decided to impeach Bill Clinton over trivial "issues". They decided to dump Carter for even worse reasons. But W seems to get a free ride. He has the lowest approval ratings of a sitting president yet he uses the war card just like Mrs Thatcher did. Opposing Bush - or opposing the war - has come to mean anti-Americanism.

George W Bush created the current situation in Iraq. He had been determined to invade on any pretext before 9/11 - and he used it as an excuse. The US went in ill prepared, and with almost no concept of how they would get out again. Since he was Chief Executive and Commander in Chief the buck stops there.

And that, my anonymous contributor is 100% accurate. Not my opinion but a bals statement of facts

Pierre said...

Violence is promoted everywhere, not just Iraq. Violence was in the middle East before we got there, and it always will be there.

I'm not supporting Bush by saying this, I'm just saying that there really is no reason lambast one particular person when it doesn't specifically help the problem.