Tuesday, 3 July 2007


I have just seen an advertisement for Celebrex on CBC.

I am sure that you can go look up all kinds of information about it and above all talk to your doctor if you think it will help. I have used cox inhibitors myself when ordinary pain killers did not help me. BUT I do want to share some information with you.

My 84 year old mother died of a heart attack. I am convinced that since you will die anyway, dying of a heart attack is about the best way I know of to go. She died quickly and probably painlessly, doing what she loved.

She had no medical history of any heart problems. She was active, not overweight and had never had problems with high blood pressure or diabetes. About three years ago she had a knee replacement, and used prescription Celebrex prior to that. We were very surprised at the results of her post mortem given her medical history.

I do not suggest that you immediately stop taking this drug, nor do I support those who see these kinds of events as a way to enrich themselves at the drug company's expense. I think my mother had a good death. I believe that Celebrex was responsible.

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