Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Canada's crime rate lowest in 25 years: StatsCan

Contrary to a common misconception about big cities, [University of Ottawa criminologist Ron] Melchers said, large urban areas such as Toronto are among the safest communities in the country.

"No one will believe that if you say that in a conversation with neighbours, but urban areas are generally very, very safe," he said.

No because most of the media prefers the right wing's argument that we should lock more people up rather than helping them. Nearly every right wing policy stance is based on prejudice, and any statistical evidence to the contrary will always be ignored. For example, lots of studies show that the safe injection site in Vancouver does what it was intended to do - reduces the death and sickness rates among drug users and increases the probability that they will seek treatment for their addiction. Yet the Vancouver Police and Stephen Harper know it should be shut down and not tried anywhere else.

The Province of BC and the Government of Canada have both been running huge surpluses for years. Yet there is no more money for children with learning disabilities. Over half the prison population is learning disabled. Yet we can only spend more money on more prisons, and more police officers, not effective ways to produce more successful citizens. Much better, says the right, to punish "bad people" then deal with the problems that prevent them from succeeding.

Right wing governments prefer that you be scared. That way you are easier to control. You are more likely to do as you are told and not question authority. For them, this is very much a bad news story. Expect it to be widely rubbished in the conventional media - especially the tabloids.


Assisitve technology said...

I don't know if it's really a "right wing" exclusive thing. I see plenty of scary stuff coming from "left wing" media as well. People who are scared are easily cowed.

This is good news, but someone's going to dispute it.

Stephen Rees said...

Thank you for the comment

Unfortunately we live in a world where there are plenty of things to be scared about. Which makes me wonder why we continue to go to movies and theme parks to get scared.

Thank you for commenting. It is nice to know that someone reads this stuff

Colette Amelia said...

Steven another great topic that I am interested in. Just taking the final course for my Public Administration certificate and the last 6 for my Political Science Degree. I am finding the more educated I am becoming the more enlightened I am and I am finding myself leaning towards the left...actually Marx is looking very good right now.

Stephen Rees said...

I am a bit less than enchanted with Uncle Karl. The reverence with which "Das Kapital" is treated reminds me too much of bible classes - and the labour theory of value really does not hold up to much examination. It is more of an act of faith. My politics degree has always been much more practical use than my economics. Machiavelli's "The Prince" and "Yes, Minister" are my two guiding texts.