Saturday, 9 June 2007

Top Court condemns ripping up contracts

Vancouver Sun Saturday June 9 2007

Canada's highest court has in effect enshrined collective bargaining as a constitutional right protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

This is very important. And should cause Gordon Campbell to pause and re-examine some of his assumptions about what a provincial government can do even though it has a dominating majority in the legislature.

Tearing up collective agreements is not one of them any more. The lowest paid workers int he health care system - the cleaners, and cooks and laundry workers, lost their jobs and to get them back had to apply to work for private, profit making companies. To allow for those profits and cut costs, wages fell dramatically. And so did health care standards. Oddly enough, clean sheets, decent food and clean rooms turned out to be quite important to patient health. Something that had obviously never occurred to the BC Liberals, or the companies they awarded contracts too.

But mostly this is about right and wrong. And it was obvious, even if you know nothing about the health system or labour law, that what the Liberals did was manifestly wrong. And that is what is wrong with Gordon Campbell. He has no moral compass.

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