Monday, 18 June 2007

This should not need saying

You do back up your hard drive, don't you? Frequently and on a regular basis?

Thought not. But you know you should. The only reason I am posting this is the computer my kids use crashed over the weekend. It appeared to be a simple corruption of the boot.ini file but I was unable to fix that. It turns out that the hard drive is totally fried.

It seems to me that hard drives have become less reliable as they have become bigger and cheaper. Either that or we are keeping machines longer as the technology leaps are getting less and less significant (the law of diminishing marginal returns in economist speak). Certainly I am aware of many more hard drive failures now than I was some years ago when they tended to be much smaller.

On the other hand I bought a stand alone hard drive that can be made accessible to all the machines on the network and I still use that to back up my machine. Sadly I no longer live at the same address as the kids and they do not have their own back up routine.


Paul Hillsdon said...

Time for some people to switch to a Mac ;)

Stephen Rees said...

Actually the use of the word "fried" was not figurative but descriptive. The inside of the PC was full of house dust which was reducing the efficiency of the cooling devices. Back ups are still important but vacuuming out the crud is important too!