Friday, 1 June 2007

Tanning at Kits Beach

I posted tanning at kits beach this picture on flickr this morning.

I thought long and hard about it before I did. I took it yesterday at Kits Beach. I had already posted some scenic shots, one of the restaurant, another of HMCS Edmonton. Muted response as usual. This is not my usual style - well, not on flickr anyway. I liked this image for a number of reasons but I did not want to offend anyone.

I got 95 views within three hours, and went to #7 on my "most intersting" link. So obviously it is too good to keep to just one place. Maybe it will bring people to read my blog. What do you think?

Up date June 20

It has now over 1100 views on flickr - far more than any other picture I have posted there. And the effect on this blog was minimal. Mentioning Spencer Tunnick, on the other hand brought them in droves.

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