Saturday, 16 June 2007

RCMP needs major shakeup: federal investigator's report

The RCMP needs major changes to its governance and culture, a government-appointed investigator said Friday.

This arises from complaints from officers who were concerned about their pension and insurance fund.

Earlier this spring, RCMP officers and staff told a parliamentary committee they had unearthed abuse of the pension fund. They claimed that senior managers responded to their concerns either by punishing whistleblowers, or blocking investigations into the accounting irregularities.

Their allegations followed studies and investigations that began in 2003, responding to allegations that there was nepotism in hiring, doubtful expense account claims and improper contracts in the $12-billion RCMP pension plan and insurance fund.

But it seems unlikely that RCMP commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli will actually have to pay any penalty for any of this. He has already resigned.

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