Monday, 18 June 2007

Full inquiry into RCMP is needed

Trenchant opinion piece from the Star, written by James Travers

Here's a sample

With depressing regularity the RCMP wanders to the dark side. It has burned barns, dipped into federal sponsorship funds, spied on political parties and blinked at internal wrongs. Connect those dots and find two common denominators. One is an unstable relationship with politicians; the other is a cultish, xenophobic cohesiveness that thwarts oversight and reform.

At times, the RCMP bows to political pressure while more frequently hiding its tracks from its elected masters. Asia-Pacific protesters got the rough 1997 ride Jean Chrétien's handlers wanted while both the Arar and 1981 McDonald inquiries measured the distance between truth and what ministers were told.

The result is a poisonous mix of pragmatism and fear.

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