Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Easy supper

Another in my occasional series on "not cooking" - this time with a distinctly local flavour. The spring salmon are running with limited openings. So I managed to get a piece of locally caught salmon fillet. I got a little sprinkle of seasoning on the top, popped it under the broiler, while I boiled a few local nugget potatoes (they do not need washing or peeling). The tomatoes could be local but are almost certainly imported from Mexico despite the BC sticker and, of course, the broccoli will have come from California.

But the piece de resistance is the bowl of local strawberries. The farm market where I bought them had some sliced California strawberries so people could compare both taste and the colour. Our local berries are dark red - all the way through! The taste is superb and the berries need nothing more than a quick wash and hulling - nothing on them at all.

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