Friday, 25 May 2007

The Vancouver Bus Driver Hero

I have just added Heroic Stories to my link list. It is not a blog. More of a newsletter. I wanted to acknowledge the story that identifies a Vancouver bus driver as a hero.

And the writer shows just how confused she was.

Amazingly, the driver pulled the bus over, stopped and called me to the front. He began printing tickets from his machine and numbering them. He gave me detailed instructions as to which buses to take, and how to understand the bus system.

I was shocked. He spent a good twenty minutes with me, telling me everything I needed to know, before giving me the tickets. I thanked him repeatedly, and asked him how much I owed for all the tickets. "Nothing. Just please get yourself home to the Yukon, young lady. You belong there."

She only needed one transfer (not a ticket - simply proof of payment valid 90 minutes. Printing more than one would have no benefit). She should have got a transfer when she paid her fare i.e. when she boarded. But at least this way she still got another 90 minutes. And to get from Surrey to the Aquarium would be one or two transfers at most but would have been quickest by SkyTrain. And it would not take twenty minutes to explain that.

And I wish the driver had not patronized her that way. We get all sorts of tourists in the big city and we do not need to tell them they are rubes.

But it's a nice story, so let's not not pick it to death.

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