Saturday, 19 May 2007

US government trying to seize new Michael Moore film, says producer

This story is one of those that if it isn't true it is not surprising. As Moore himself remarks, it saves money on advertising. The Bush administration could well be silly enough to pursue Moore for going to Cuba without permission. But then lots of Americans do that already. They just get planes from Canada.

The important point for me is that it is going to bolster opposition to the vested interests who are trying to create a two track healthcare system here. It already exists in Britain. I remember when it really got started. There was a period when as part of a failed attempt to control inflation, controls on prices and wages were introduced. And employers got around that by giving people they wanted to reward company cars and BUPA memberships. And both quickly became status symbols. Some private healthcare was in fact very suspect in terms of quality. The Royal Masonic Hospital for example was famous for being more punctilious about serving tea on time than doing CPR in a timely fashion. Private mental health was even more of a minefield: what better way to rid oneself of an embarrassing relative than have them locked up in luxury at a private clinic?

Moore's films are predictable but necessary, and I look forward to seeing this one. Eventually. On DVD.

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