Monday, 14 May 2007

It's time to install Linux

I have been trying to wean myself off my M$ dependency for some time. I did try lots of versions of Knoppix, which isn't bad, but frustrated me. I am really pleased with Ubuntu which is very easy to install and even easier to run. But don't just take my word for it - watch this video

This system is a lot cheaper than Vista - either as a new install or upgrade. It's free.

Couple of things to know before you start. If you must have the latest and greatest hardware and peripherals, then it may take a while before the Linux community gets around to building drivers. But if you are like the rest of us and trying to make your existing kit last a bit longer, you should have no problems. Linux runs on FAT32. While it can read ntfs, writing may cause issues. There is software that enables this on Knoppix but not as far as I can determine so far a way to do this yet with Ubuntu. Maybe someone reading this will bring me up to speed if I am wrong.

Linux boots and shuts down much faster than Windows, is much safer (very few malware writers have got around to trying to bring it down or to crack it and as it is community supported and open source is a lot more secure) and takes up much less disc space. If you have got fed up with Windows nagging you about deleting programs from your hard drive just so it can make thousands of back ups for itself, then Linux is for you.


sgt.turmeric said...

The folks of Free Geek Vancouver can help make a transition to Linux easier.

They are organizing an event called Windowsless Wednesday on May 30th (this is not the first Windowsless Wednesday). I think it is sort of like an "installfest" where you can bring your computer down and get help installing and setting up Linux.

Stephen Rees said...
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Stephen Rees said...

Thanks for the link but the second one does not work

Ububtu installed and set up itself easily. I got into trouble by playing with the terminal window before reading
which is not specific to ubuntu but showed me the error of my ways