Saturday, 19 May 2007

Excerpt from Al Gore's new book

Al Gore's new book is called "The Assault on Reason" and an excerpt is now available

I have been a student of American politics for over 40 years. At university, I picked "American Studies" since it looked like a soft option, but I quickly became enmeshed, and instead of taking the literature course that most of my contemporaries chose, I took Law and Politics, which had the reputation of being "hard" but I found fascinating. What I did not understand then, and have slowly come to understand is that very few Americans actually know very much about their constitution - or even their own history. The story of the black actor reciting the Declaration of Independence on a plane and getting arrested happened long before 9/11.

Gore deplores the decline in the quality of decision making. When momentous debates should be taking centre stage, the public is fascinated by Paris Hilton.

This is not just about America, because western civilization (so called) seems to have become a mirror of what we have watched, passively and uncritically for the last century. First in the cinema, then on the tv, now on the net.

I will say again, I wish Gore was running for President

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