Friday, 4 May 2007

Air India bombing

I sit in wonder at the information coming out of the Air India inquiry. It beggars belief. If you had written this in a novel, it would not get published. If you talked about this in your workplace coffee room no one would believe you. But CSIS and the RCMP had specific information. And all they had to do was check the baggage on one airline. And, as we had been doing in Europe for years, making sure that every piece of baggage in the hold matched every passenger. I can recall having to do that on the tarmac at Stansted for a Jugotours flight. In the seventies.

But they did nothing. And for over twenty years, no one said a word.

Once upon a time the Mounties had a reputation to be proud of. This comes upon the heels of a scandal over their pension fund. Zacardelli has become a familiar figure on Parliament Hill, explaining things to committees.

Now I suggest we simply scrap them. Just like the Royal Ulster Constabulary lost all credibility and had to be replaced.


RCMP needs major shakeup: federal investigator's report

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